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How Can I Prevent Email Leaks?

By connecting to the internet with PIA VPN, you establish a secure private tunnel for your internet traffic and never have to reveal your IP address — thereby preventing email leaks. Only secure, trusted VPN providers like PIA can truly prevent email leaks.

Benefits Of Hiding Your IP Address

PIA VPN acts like a safety buffer between your device and the websites or applications you connect to.

Checkmark An extra layer of protection

Checkmark Cannot be tracked

Checkmark Internet traffic is encrypted

Checkmark Choose server location

Checkmark IP address is concealed

Checkmark Access your favorite content


Why Choose PIA VPN?


Strict no-logs policy so you’re totally anonymous all the time.


Trusted open-source VPN protocols for full transparency.


10+ years of expertise as the world’s leading VPN provider.


24/7 live customer support for all your needs.


A global network of world-class servers for the fastest speeds


One subscription covers 10 devices simultaneously.

Want To Know More?

What Is An Email Leak?

When you send an email, header information is sent along with your message. That header information may reveal information about your device, IP address, and internet connection to the recipient. This is known as an email leak.

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